Restaurant Spitzer in Hallertau

Perfect meeting place for every gourmet

At first sight the Restaurant Spitzer is just a traditional village inn situated close to Au in Hallertau. Serving outstanding Bavarian and South Tyrolean delicacies, the owner Stefan Spitzer stays true to his roots in this family business. The trained chef has also gained extensive international experience and now brings these culinary skills to his own restaurant kitchen. Subsequently, good old traditional cuisine has been enhanced over the years by cosmopolitan influences and his own creative style. Today, the inn is a perfect meeting place for gourmets and connoisseurs.


The kitchen is stylish and new and perfectly tailored to the expectations and requirements of the young proprietor. So, it's not surprising that it is also open to guests for cooking courses and events. The new kitchen concept, complemented by multifunctional cooking equipment, allows Stefan Spitzer and his team not only to cook with passion but also inspire and delight guests alike.

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