BOB'S Fast & Slowfood Munich

Burgers, pizza, fun, rock and sport

With eight restaurants in Bavaria so far, BOB'S has certainly found the right recipe for success. But, who is BOB? The man behind the name is Bob, an institution in Augsburg and an old hand when it comes to gastropubs since 1996.


What started as a small pub in Hammerschmiede, Augsburg, has now developed into a number of gastropubs offering "Damn good food," fun, rock and sport. The eighth establishment opened in Munich Pasing in April 2019 with indoor and outdoor seating for around 400 guests. Despite its controversial location, the rustic gastropub with beer garden is already immensely popular.

The catering concept is relaxed and goes down well with guests - good, simple food such as freshly prepared burgers and pizza. The kitchen crew work with a well-planned combination of MKN multifunctional equipment and conventional cooking technology. The combi steamers are particularly popular with the team, especially for preparing the restaurant's homemade burgers and burger buns. And an absolute must on the menu is the classic BOB dessert "chocolate lava cake" fresh out of the combi steamer!

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