New Dimensions in Quality and Freshness

The Scheck-In Manufactory in Achern is a special culinary project headed by business man Adolf Scheck and star chef Harald Wohlfahrt. The name Scheck stands for quality and freshness alike, which have been the main focus in the family-owned supermarkets for many years.

In the new production kitchen a large selection of high quality food products and dishes are produced for the family-owned catering establishments and also for sale in the Scheck-In supermarkets. In addition, the manufactory produces its own pasta for fresh pasta dishes and has its own production line for meat specialities.

Head of production is chef and certified restaurant manager Christian Adam, who worked as head chef in Harald Wohlfahrt's Palazzo for four years following numerous stations around the world. Qualified personnel, such as butchers and chefs, fill the key positions in his twenty-strong team and labourers and helpers provide additional support for packing and labelling. The kitchen is equipped with a number of FlexiChefs, MKN boiling kettles and combi steamers. Christian Adam was involved in the project from the very beginning and made a conscious decision in favour of MKN, well aware that he can obtain all his equipment from one supplier and count on the reliability of the production equipment. And he swears by FlexiChef's SpaceClean!

"The FlexiChef's own cleaning system saves us an enormous amount of time which we are able to use much more effectively for cooking."

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