Fits any kitchen

Good things come in small packages -
The professional space saving sensation

How do you fit all the benefits of FlexiCombi into 40% less space? MKN experts have specially designed the SpaceCombi for small kitchens. Ideal for cooking stations or for front cooking areas. Only 55 centimetres wide, yet offering 6 x GN 1/1 . The complete package of professional user benefits for those who won't settle for less.

The perfect size for small kitchens
6 x GN 1/1
Only 55 cm wide

With its 55 cm the SpaceCombi simply saves so much space, yet also offers the same capacity as larger combi steamer models: 6 x GN 1/1. And all of the same benefits, too. It goes without saying that the SpaceCombi is also available with 6 x GN 2/3. Completely flexible - to match your individual kitchen concept.

Integrated steam condensation (option). Perfect as built-in appliance.

The professional

space saving sensation


It neutralizes odours and condenses steam - ideal for front cooking

The perfect frontcooking solution

Simple operation and attractive design 


Operating system as simple as your smartphone.
Intuitive and easy to use.


Chefs' knowhow inclusive. Thanks to automatic cooking processes. Food quality can be reproduced quickly and easily.


Step by step cooking instructions for flawless results. Sharing the head chef's expertise.


Automatic quantity detection.
Automatically consistent quality.
Without core temperature probe.


Scan the barcode and activate the cooking process with the start button.


Access the most frequently used cooking processes directly on the start screen.

SES Steam Exhaust System

Prevents steam excaping before cooking chanber door is opened. High level of operational safety. Pleasant working environment in the kitchen.


Virtual operating instructions. Assistance at any time 365 days a year.


SpaceCombi provides transparency about its optimized energy and water consumption. Energy & water consumption are displayed automatically after each cooking process (only Electric).

ClimaSelect Plus

The perfect cooking chamber climate at all times. Individually controllable.

WaveClean Life Time Protection System

Completely clean with one cartridge only

To start, just insert a cartridge!

Complete interior cleaning

Manual cleaning is never required

Even more options

With MKN combi steamer accessories

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As flexible as you are

SpaceCombi Model Overview

SpaceCombi Compact MagicPilot

Compact MP 6 × GN 1/1

SpaceCombi Junior MagicPilot

Junior MP 6 × GN 2/3

SpaceCombi Compact Classic

Compact CL 6 x GN 1/1

SpaceCombi Junior Classic

Junior 6 x GN 2/3

Individual solutions for your kitchen