MKN MasterLine

First class quality for gourmet cuisine



Full length hygienic countertop

A seamless, hygienic top plate, 3 mm thick and of chrome nickel steel, including 3 mm reinforcing profile, refines your individual combination of appliances. Select from almost 400 electric and gas appliances which can be individually combined, are seamlessly welded and made of premium material with proven MKN quality.

Hygienic, safe and ergonomic

An attractive feature of the MKN MasterLine is that it is so easy to clean, e.g. due to the drip edge on the underside of the countertop and the corner radii of the optionally integrable hygienic substructures. The aesthetics of the hygienic countertop, with 90° or rounded corner design, can be enhanced further by a practical handrail around it.

Select your preferred version

According to your individual requirements the MasterLine can be complemented by a full length, coloured control panel and larger combined substructures in hygienic design. The MasterLine is available as free-standing version, allowing operation from both sides if required, or as wall unit. It can even be operated from the front side.
Outstanding flexibility

The clear height of the carcass of the MasterLine can be increased from 390 mm to 490 mm as required and so provides optimum space for inserts such as under counter refrigerator drawers.


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